Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Stickers in Flubaroo!!!


Grading, Grading, Grading...  Let's just say that grading assignments is not one of my favorite things on earth, but technology sure helps me through it.  One of my favorite tools for grading is Flubaroo and today (well actually a week ago) it just got even better.  Bear with me as I geek out here. 

Include digital stickers when sharing grades in Flubaroo!!!

Click here to read Flubaroo News and learn how.

As if adding digital stickers isn't enough, it gets better.  You can add your own stickers.  Click here to find out how.  It's super easy!

Google Drawing + Bitmoji = Super cool digital stickers!!!

When I read that you could add your own stickers (PNG or JPG), I immediately thought that I had to use Bitmoji to create stickers.  It's a simple process!

  1. Add the Bitmoji extension to Chrome (surely you already have a Bitmoji account, but if not they are super easy and fun to set up).
  2. Create a new Google Drawing (you will want to do this in your Flubaroo Stickers folder - see link above).
  3. Click on Bitmoji icon, search for your Bitmoji, and then drag it to your Google Drawing.
  4. Resize/Crop 
  5. Download as a PNG/JPEG (File>Download as>PNG or JPEG)
  6. The file should drop to the bottom of your screen.  Drag it into your Flubaroo Stickers folder.
  7. You're done!  Now the sticker will appear when you are getting ready to share grades.  

Now back to grading all those assignments I didn't create using Google Forms. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Christmas for Classmates 

With Thanksgiving coming up, Cubs for Christ (CfC) is gearing up for our Annual Christmas for Classmates collection.  If you are new to LJH, CfCm is where we collect gifts and/or money to buy gifts for LJH students that may not get presents otherwise.  There are several organizations on campus that help us out and each year we help about 25 LJH students and we hope to do the same this year. If you know of any students in need, please click here to add them to our list.

There are a couple of ways you can help.

  1. Buy a T-shirt or Hoodie - We only have two days left to sell as many shirts/hoodies as possible.  Click here to order yours today.

  1. “Adopt” a student - You will be given the student’s wish list for ideas on what to buy.  You can buy the items yourself or partner up with others.  You do not have to buy all the items on the wish lists (some of these kids dream big).  We do ask that you buy at least one hoodie/jacket.  After purchasing the gifts, we ask you gift wrap the items.  CfC will provide a Bible for each student.  We will also try to make sure that each student gets a bath/deodorant gift set.  When shopping please keep in mind that most of these students will have to ride the bus home with their gifts.  Cubs for Christ will supply 2 reusable shopping bags for your wrapped items so that it is easier for the student to carry home.  (For bussing purposes, we need items to fit in the bags).  

  1. Donate money - If you would like to help but don’t have time to go shopping, you can donate and we will do the shopping for you. Checks can be made payable to Cubs for Christ.

  1. Donate generic gifts - If you’re out and about and find a great deal on items that JH kids would like, purchase and donate them.  (There are a lot of good deals on Black Friday).  We will sort and distribute them to students on our list.

  1. Pray - If you are a praying person, please pray for this project.  There are several needy kids at our school and we want to help as many as possible.
From now until Dec 12, we will collect generic boy and generic girl items (that most JH kids would like), bibles, bath sets, and monetary donations.  With the monetary donations, we will buy items from student wish lists.  Hypothetically, each student on our list will receive a bath set, a bible, a hoodie/jacket, a small gift (boy/girl), and maybe a few other goodies like candy canes.  

We will bag these up and hand them out before the students leave on Friday, December 16.
If you would like to make any type of donation just let me know so that I can start to get an idea of what we will have.
My email address is
Thanks for your help and for always caring for LJH Students!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Publishing Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets to the Web

How to Publish Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets to the Web!

Hey Guys,
I didn't realize just how long it has been since I've posted on my blog!  I hope to do a better job at taking time to share some cool tech and GT things with you, starting with this super short video on how to publish a Google stuff to the web.  I use this feature a lot in my classroom and now my students are also.  (In fact, this video is actually for them).  One goal I have this year is for my students to learn to share and publish their works.  Today, they had their first assignment that includes publishing their works and sharing the link with me.  If they can do it, I know you can too!

And just in case you want to read the instructions, I am including the link to my Slides presentation.

Click HERE to view my Slides presentation.

"If you want something you've never had, then you've got to do something you've never done."  Thomas Jefferson

Monday, October 12, 2015

Chromebook Offline

Don't have internet at home? Is your connection at school lagging?  Don't freak out.  You can still do many things when your Chromebook is offline.  Most assignments require you to create a document, drawing, or presentation in your Drive. You can set up your Drive to work offline (How to Video) and there are apps that also work offline (Go to the Webstore, click offline on the left.  Then you will see a collection of apps and extensions that work offline).

To save webpages for offline viewing:

Click menu bar
Select Print
Change Destination to "Save to Drive"

This will save the entire webpage as a document that you can view in your Drive (if you have set up offline in your settings).

Google Support also offers these ideas:
"Use Your Chromebook Offline." - Chromebook Help. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Oct. 2015.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Chromebook Printing

Though we are doing our best to go "paperless", there are times when you just have to print.  Printing from the Chromebook can be frustrating, unless you follow these steps.  Please take note that you must use a laptop or PC that is connected to the printer.  Chromebooks do not support drivers, so you can not just plug the printer cord into them.

Go to Google Support for more information.

Shout out to Maddie R. for suggesting this blog post.  It is shorter than most, but I hope you find it beneficial.

"Connect Your Printer to Google Cloud Print." - Chrome Help. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Oct. 2015.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Make Suggestions and Share Your Ideas

So today, I totally geeked out when I got this email...

I know it may seem stupid to get excited about an email that was probably sent to a ton of people, but calendar option to classroom was something I really wanted my students to have.  Honestly, I didn't really think anything would come from me suggesting this.  I've read plenty of discussion boards where people are complaining about features or lack of features.  But apparently, if you make suggestions/enter feedback/share ideas, Google listens.  Just like every other aspect of life, you have to do it correctly.  So now, I'm ready to make all kinds of suggestions.  In fact, I made 3 on GoGuardian today. LOL.  I told my students that I might just solve all the world's problems, one suggestion or idea at a time.

If you don't like something about a program, think of a solution and submit it to the developers.  Who knows, they might just listen and grant your wish!

PS: The Calendar feature in Google Classroom is amazing!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


In the last few days, I've started thinking about my classroom, classroom management, and of course, staying paperless in my class. Our district recently went Google and this coming school year, students will have access to Chromebooks (grades 4th-12th).  So not only will teachers and students have access to all the cool Google tools and apps, but the students will also have access to devices!  With that in mind, I've decided to write a few posts about my favorites.


Nearly all of my teacher friends complain about the time it takes to grade papers.  With Flubaroo, you can create self-grading quizzes, tests, etc.  There aren't many apps or add-ons that I am willing to pay for, but I would pay for this one.... Wait, did I mention that it is FREE???

Steps to Creating Self Grading Assignments:

1. Create a Google form with your questions.
  • Though my first question is "Student Name", I always check "automatically collect email address" because Flubaroo will email the students their grades (and sometimes they mistype their email addresses).
  • Try to have a plan of what questions you are going to ask before you start creating your form.  If you re-arrange the questions, your Google Sheet (with responses) will be all out of order.  You can redirect your responses easily though if you forget.
2.  Complete the form.
  • Click on "View live form". 
  • Take the quiz (Type Teacher Key as your name).  This will come in handy later. 

3. Click "Share" to get the link to your form.
  • I share this link on Google Classroom or email it directly to the students.
4. Once a few students have completed the form, go to your form and click "View Responses".  

  • A Google Sheet should open with yours and your students' responses.
5.  Click on Add-ons>get add-ons to download Flubaroo.
  • Flubaroo is so popular that it is usually "suggested", but you may have to search for it.
6.  Enable Flubaroo.  Click the little arrow to the side, then click "Enable Flubaroo".  

7. Now you are ready to grade!

Click Flubaroo (from add-on menu), then click Grade assignment.
  • You will now go through a series of questions about your preferences.
    • Which questions identify students and which ones are to be worth points (I always leave it at one point each, but you may want some questions to be worth more)?
    • Which response to use to grade (this is where you select "teacher key" that you created)?
  • Now another sheet with grades will added to the original grade sheet.  From here you can:
      • Decide if you want grades emailed to students - YES!  They love this.
      • Decide if you want the answer key emailed with student grades.  This one is tricky, because you don't want absent students getting answers.  I usually select yes, but then I don't "grade" them until I know that absent kids have had a chance to complete the form.  
      • Export grades for entering into gradebook. (I usually write them in my paper gradebook)
    NEW FEATURE: Auto-grade!!!  In advanced settings you can enable "autograde" and Flubaroo will grade assignments and email students as students submit forms!!!  (Just be sure to go back and look at the grades).

    Check out the Tackk I made for Google Academy for more help: Self Grading Forms Tackk