Thursday, January 8, 2015

Quotes to live by

"Half of being smart is knowing what you are dumb about." ~Solomon Short 

Worst Category 64%
According to my newest game addiction, Trivia Crack, I am dumb in Art & Literature.  Anytime my spinner lands on this category, the game is quick to remind me that it is my worst subject.  I am usually pretty good at (or good at guessing) the Literature part, but the Arts kill me.  This is ironic because my husband is an Art teacher and you would think I would know a little more.  It's OK though because there are other categories that I am quite knowledgeable about while he is "dumb" about them.  Regardless, Trivia Crack is just a fun game that usually drives me to competitive craziness.  

One of my favorite quotes for myself and to use with my students is "Half of being smart is knowing what you are dumb about".  Often times, gifted kids (and their teachers) are expected to just know everything.  While gifted kids have a large knowledge base, there are things they haven't learned.  There are also things that they will struggle to learn and understand.  I hope to teach my students that it is OK and NORMAL not to know everything.  I hope they use opportunities when they feel dumb to learn and expand their knowledge.  After all if you don't know what you are bad at, you will think that you are good at everything and never learn anything.  

Honestly, it doesn't bother me much when that nasty message pops up to remind me that I am dumb at Art, but when I miss a History question, I can guarantee you that I am researching the correct answer.  As silly as it is to get fired up about a trivia question or losing a game, I do.  I want to be smart at History.  I want to know more and perhaps I need a game to remind me that I don't know everything.  One of my goals is that my students always remember me as a teacher that pushed them to learn, and not just rely on what they already know.   I also want to be transparent enough with them that they know I am often times dumb too.

What about you?  Have you considered what you are "dumb" at?  Are you teachable, or do you believe you know all you need to know?


  1. I am dumb at ELA. Reading has always been my worst subject and I do not like to have to answer questions about it. I guess I found what I was dumb at huh? :)

  2. This post is very true. :) My worst subject is probably Algebra. All of the x's and y's; it's exhausting.

  3. Well history was always my worst subject and I have a hard time grasping it.

  4. My worst subject is ELA. :( Sure, I make good grades, but I don't always get it. I love your post

  5. I am 'dumb' at physics. I get it, in theory, but when I have to to work a word problem I draw blank. Nevertheless, I believe that, with hard work and determination, I will conquer physics.