Sunday, February 1, 2015

McFarlain's Class Library

One of my favorite things about our class this year is our class library. With the help of some of my students and Google forms, we now have an inventory of books that students can check out. So this is how we did it... 

First, a group of students went through all our books and looked up AR level and points. As they found information they wrote it on the inside cover of the books. As the students looked up AR information, I created a Google form for our inventory. The form included blanks for things such as Book Title, Book Author, AR level, AR Points, etc. Once all the AR information was gathered, students used the form to create our library inventory. Next, I created a form for check out. The form asks for the student name, Odyssey teacher, date, and return date (2 weeks from current date). I also created a QR code and posted it near our bookshelf. Because I am somewhat of a neat freak, I took a picture of the shelf with the books neatly arranged and hung it near the shelf to remind students how our shelf should look. There is also a copy of our book inventory. Now, students can scan the QR code with our class iPads to check out books. 

For book return, I wrapped a paper box with contact paper and cut a whole in the top for books. When students are finished with borrowed books, they simply put them in the box. To check books in, I open the Checkout form responses and delete the row with their information. So far, students love that they can check out books. We use our Scholastic Book Club points to add new books each month. Some students have even donated books that they have finished. We currently have over 150 books!!!


  1. I loved the library idea and i still do, it has been a great year for the library here in class and also a great year for your blog posts. Please make more.