Wednesday, August 19, 2015


In the last few days, I've started thinking about my classroom, classroom management, and of course, staying paperless in my class. Our district recently went Google and this coming school year, students will have access to Chromebooks (grades 4th-12th).  So not only will teachers and students have access to all the cool Google tools and apps, but the students will also have access to devices!  With that in mind, I've decided to write a few posts about my favorites.


Nearly all of my teacher friends complain about the time it takes to grade papers.  With Flubaroo, you can create self-grading quizzes, tests, etc.  There aren't many apps or add-ons that I am willing to pay for, but I would pay for this one.... Wait, did I mention that it is FREE???

Steps to Creating Self Grading Assignments:

1. Create a Google form with your questions.
  • Though my first question is "Student Name", I always check "automatically collect email address" because Flubaroo will email the students their grades (and sometimes they mistype their email addresses).
  • Try to have a plan of what questions you are going to ask before you start creating your form.  If you re-arrange the questions, your Google Sheet (with responses) will be all out of order.  You can redirect your responses easily though if you forget.
2.  Complete the form.
  • Click on "View live form". 
  • Take the quiz (Type Teacher Key as your name).  This will come in handy later. 

3. Click "Share" to get the link to your form.
  • I share this link on Google Classroom or email it directly to the students.
4. Once a few students have completed the form, go to your form and click "View Responses".  

  • A Google Sheet should open with yours and your students' responses.
5.  Click on Add-ons>get add-ons to download Flubaroo.
  • Flubaroo is so popular that it is usually "suggested", but you may have to search for it.
6.  Enable Flubaroo.  Click the little arrow to the side, then click "Enable Flubaroo".  

7. Now you are ready to grade!

Click Flubaroo (from add-on menu), then click Grade assignment.
  • You will now go through a series of questions about your preferences.
    • Which questions identify students and which ones are to be worth points (I always leave it at one point each, but you may want some questions to be worth more)?
    • Which response to use to grade (this is where you select "teacher key" that you created)?
  • Now another sheet with grades will added to the original grade sheet.  From here you can:
      • Decide if you want grades emailed to students - YES!  They love this.
      • Decide if you want the answer key emailed with student grades.  This one is tricky, because you don't want absent students getting answers.  I usually select yes, but then I don't "grade" them until I know that absent kids have had a chance to complete the form.  
      • Export grades for entering into gradebook. (I usually write them in my paper gradebook)
    NEW FEATURE: Auto-grade!!!  In advanced settings you can enable "autograde" and Flubaroo will grade assignments and email students as students submit forms!!!  (Just be sure to go back and look at the grades).

    Check out the Tackk I made for Google Academy for more help: Self Grading Forms Tackk

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